Resolution - Membership Fee
Upon government bringing Bill 5 into force on July 14, the BCGLA Board resolved that member dues be paused – in other words, that member dues be nil until varied by subsequent Board resolution – and conveyed that direction to the PSA.

Bylaw 3.3 confers authority on the Board to, by Board resolution, determine dues or fees payable by members from time to time, including that dues be waived in appropriate circumstances. The Board decided to pause member dues in recognition of the fact that, as a result of Bill 5 coming into force, the majority of members will be required to pay 1% salary in dues to the Professional Employees Association.

The PSA has not started deducting PEA dues and we understand that, when implemented, dues will be retroactive to July 14. The PSA has not implemented our “pause” in dues despite multiple follow ups.

Although the Board has authority to determine dues, this is a time of significant change and the Board considered it appropriate to seek member approval of a revised approach to dues. $10 per paycheck is proposed as a nominal amount to continue to support litigation and other ongoing costs. The Board proposes to delay implementation of this new dues structure until a reasonable period after the PSA implements the dues pause, to take account of the fact that members have continued to pay BCGLA dues despite the Board’s request of July 14.

BE IT RESOLVED that the membership fee for members be set at $260 per year, which may be deducted from payroll at the rate of $10 every pay period.