The BCGLA was incorporated in 1992 under the Society Act of British Columbia as the LSB Lawyers Association. Our name changed to the British Columbia Government Lawyers Association at the end of 2017.  We are now governed by the Societies Act.  We are a voluntary association which represents member interests.  The BCGLA is not a union nor does it have recognised bargaining agent status at this time, however, discussions with government are underway about what form of recognition of the members’ collective bargaining rights will take.

The purposes of the BCGLA are:

1. To represent government civil lawyers in matters regarding remuneration, benefits and other terms and conditions of employment;

2. To create, promote and encourage better understanding, unity and cooperation among the members of the BCGLA; and

3. To represent the members of the BCGLA in matters of professional interest relating to employment.

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